Due to popular demand…

…the Feather Fairies are back in production! These will initially be available via my Mum’s yarn & craft shop in Wolseley Bridge near Stafford, but if you would like one, drop me a line on facebook.

CIMG0693 CIMG0703 CIMG0716


Meet the Mend-It Mice


I’ve been selling the Mend-It Mice at fairs for a while now, and they are ever popular. I’ve recently stepped them up a little, to help raise some money for a local cause that struck a chord with me.


For too long people I have known have suffered through the heartache of losing someone to cancer. To paraphrase the recent TV adverts, it’s time we fought back. And the Galloway family over at Eye Survive are doing just that.




I recently attended a fundraising craft fair for Eye Survive, and decided to continue fundraising for them via my Mend-It Mice, giving 25% of all sales to the charity. So, if you fancy doing your bit, head on over to my etsy shop and buy a little lavender-filled felt critter to stand sentry over your knitwear drawer (moths hate ’em), titillate your kitten (I’m told cats love ’em!), or scent your scanties!

PLEASE NOTE: mice are stuffed with a combination of polyester toy stuffing, pearl barley and English lavender, and meant for decorative use only. These are not designed as toys and are therefore not baby safe.

Pretty little things for pretty little things!

I’ve recently been falling asleep with visions of sugar plums (and spice and all things nice) dancing about my head. I have been on a real girly kick. Maybe it’s a knee-jerk reaction to all the boy’s toys I’m surround by, but I’ve been inspired to make some really pretty, girly bits.


I was lucky enough to be allowed to make this bunting as a commission piece, but it goes beautifully with the girly toy tote I crocheted a few weeks back:



The patchwork bunting skirt design has been floating around in my mind for a while, and goes beautifully with this bag, the size and shape of which was made for my 3 year old niece to bring her  favourite Ladybird book and a pack of colouring crayons to Nanny’s:


All available from my etsy store.

The Toesles: on hold

I had to withdraw my Toesles from public sale last year, after reading just how difficult sock toys are to certify along CE guidelines. However, thanks to the frankly amazing folk on the Sock Toy Support Network on facebook, I am now well on the way to certification, and hope to have the Toesles back online in Autumn, fully CE Marked!

In the meantime, I’ve been making and selling a huge array of goodies, all available from my etsy shop:


Alpha-bunting – I provide the appliqued triangles, and ribbon, all you have to do is sew them together for your own “I made it” moment!

CIMG8860 CIMG8850


 Crochet baby shoes: currently sold out!
Pattern from http://hookcandy.com/


Crocheted toy totes and handbags of various sizes


More lavender Mend-It Mice – and 25% of sales of these little critters goes to Eye Survive

Highclare School Summer Fair

Saturday was the Highclare School summer fete. As there was already someone there selling (far superior) sock toys, Tracie requested that I bring other goods instead. So I took along a selection of Culu Crafts including felted and trimmed cardigans, lavender mice, ribbon brooches and quilted pencil cases. I didn’t do especially well, but it was a lovely day, and at least I have plenty of stock for the Catney village fete in a fortnight’s time!

Solihull Sock Toy workshop

I’ve been making sock toys for a few years now. In fact, when we set up the Leamington Spa branch of sew make believe, the sock toy workshop was one of our earliest few. That particular meetup even made it into the hallowed pages of Sew Hip magazine!

I now sell my toys, the Toesles, at craft fairs. I regularly ask punters “Are you a sewist?”, and direct those who are over to the tutorial page of the website to see the sock toy tutorial and make up a zebra of their very own! I love the idea of these little fellas taking over the world…

If you’d like to make your own little cuddly sock friend, come along to our workshop at Catney Village Hall in Catherine de Barnes on the 20th June. I promise you, it’s an addictive craft once you get started!

Jubilee Vintage & Handmade Fair, BMAG

Over the Jubilee weekend the Toesles and I joined Charlie Button Knit Kits at the Waterhall in Birmingham Art Gallery.

One of the highlights for me was turning up to bump into some familiar faces, the very lovely Louise and her Dapper hubby Peter of Bebopaloulou Vintage.

Sunday was a very wet and downright miserable day, and as a result, numbers were down. We were also in a very noisy spot, right by the singing duo – so on Monday we moved nearer the door and further from the noise…

And that box of chocolates three times the side of my head was the prize I won for my Jubilee inspired red, white and blue outfits! A definite bonus!

The next fair, at the end of the month, will be at Highclare School in Erdington:

Hope to see you there!

Bournville Craft & Vintage Fair

On Bank Holiday Monday I was lucky enough to secure a last-minute-cancellation stall at the Rowheath Pavillion craft & vintage fair in Bournville, Birmingham. Bournville is the village built up to house the workers at Cadbury’s, the infamous chocolate factory, and is a picture-perfect oasis in the sea of Victoria city terraces that make up Birmingham’s city suburbs.

The fair was fantastic. I had a table in the hall, which was thankfully warm and dry, and the crowds came out despite the typical British bad weather. I sold over 40 Toesles, meaning I’ll really need to get down to some making if I’m hoping to have a sufficient number for the jubilee fair come June! Plus, my fellow crafters were all lovely types (which, in fairness, crafters generally are…) Overall, I had a great day – and will certainly go back again if they’ll have me…